My Why?

I have always been an individual who needs to have some level of creativity in my life. It is the one area of my life where I get to throw all the rules out the window and just explore. For me, this area of my life is where I get to play, explore, and have fun with other like minded individuals. Creativity is an outlet, it is a safe place and it is therapy all in one.

Photography allows me to take and expand my world outwards. I get to explore environments around me and capture the beauty that surrounds. For me it is more than just the capture, it is how I captured it, the artform behind it and the science of setting up the shot. While complex, also freedom in just being with where I am at.

I started this blog as a way to share my creations with the world and hopefully inspire others to go out of their comfort zone and enjoy the process of being creative. I look forward to seeing where things go along the way.

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